About CVC

The Chicago Violin Competition is an international violin competition held online, providing promising young talent an outlet to exhibit their art on the world’s stage. CVC has two divisions, the Young Artist for age 7-17, and Senior Artist for ages 18-28.

Chicago is an important cultural and economic center that attracts global talent to the arts, education, and business. CVC is a platform for gifted young artists from around the world to come together, grow, and learn. CVC collaborates with Judges who are established and dynamic violinists from varied backgrounds and professional experiences.

Leveraging technology, CVC offers a unique online experience and lowers the barriers to entry that come with a traditional international competition. This online format eliminates the travel costs for candidates and allows CVC to partner with Judges from the US and beyond.

The Chicago Violin Competition was previously named the AMI Violin Competition, and the events were held at the American Music Institute (AMI) in Chicago, IL. The AMI Violin Competition has been a staple for young performers throughout the United States and now CVC is the perfect opportunity for talented young musicians as they learn and grow to gain recognition in the musical society. The CVC is fully funded by American Music Institute.

Founded in 2006, American Music Institute has provided high quality music education and performance opportunities to young musicians across Chicago. For the past 12 years, AMI has hosted the AMI Violin Competition which has attracted talent from across the US, and has awarded cash prizes to extraordinary young performers, many who have since launched promising careers. Inspired by the artistry of our past applicants, CVC narrows AMI’s focus to violinists and expands our reach globally.